About Us

Here at magicweasel.com we have developed a web site creation tool that will allow you to put a professional website together in a matter of minutes, even if you've only got basic IT skills.

We believe that as a small business, your presence on the web is key to your success, but we also believe you shouldn't have to pay through the nose to have a site created.

We will help you put a site together, with a web address of your choice and get it live on the internet for £125. There is no catch, that is all you will pay.

After the first year, if you are happy with your web site, you can continue using our service for the reduced annual fee of £55.

About You

Our web creation tool has been specifically designed for people with a small business such as a bed and breakfast, camping site, paintballing centre etc.

All too often people with this kind of business pay for a web site to be developed only to find that every time they want to make a change there's another fee to pay.

Here at magicweasel.com we believe that you should be in charge of your own content and that you shouldn't have to pay every time your want to update your site.